Eberhardt students choose Pacific for its 'personalized' experience. They appreciate a similar approach by employers. Your recruiting success can be enhanced by expanding your campus recruiting strategy to include more targeted visibility to Eberhardt business students.

Recruiting Events/Career Fairs
Meet the Firms is the Eberhardt School's signature recruiting event and is an ideal way to reach a targeted audience. These networking events are organized by student clubs and are industry or job function-specific. Events are often scheduled in the early Fall semester to promote upcoming On-Campus Recruiting schedules. We assemble a diverse selection of ~40 employers in late September who engage with 250-300 business students across our degree programs. Many of the participating companies use this event to promote internship and full-time hire opportunities and follow up the event with On-Campus Recruiting schedules in October and early November.Pacific's Career Resource Center offers employers the chance to reach 300+ student job seekers each Spring. 

Guest Speakers in Business Classes
Presentations can be arranged for you to introduce your company to students. These allow you to provide a clear vision of the career paths offered by your company as well as the company culture, products, services and company uniqueness to students. A number of our faculty invite industry speakers into their classes to discuss the challenges and successes that companies experience in our dynamic local, national and global economies. We can help align your expertise to upper division business courses and faculty seeking speakers.

Presenting a career topic in our required Career Development Seminar is an excellent way to build your company's campus presence, while sharing insights that will assist our graduates in breaking into careers of choice. The job market moves rapidly and the industry perspective is integral in keeping our students abreast of these changing trends.

Eberhardt Club Speaker Events
Eberhardt student clubs schedule guest speakers throughout the semester and welcome employers to share industry insights and discuss professional development topics. Many clubs have functional, industry or other professional focus to provide a targeted audience.

Information Sessions
Information Sessions can be scheduled either on-campus or at your place of business to attract the targeted segment of students that you want to reach, allowing you to bring your message and company information right to them, at the right time for you. Campus visits usually produce the best results.

Company Site Tours
Inviting student clubs to your workplace provides an excellent introduction to your company's culture. The Eberhardt program facilitates such visits allowing companies to introduce students to key company representatives and the working environment first hand.

For help tailoring your approach to recruiting at the Eberhardt School, please contact Bailey Gutierrez.