The Eberhardt School of Business offers a two-term class for undergraduate business students called the Eberhardt Student Investment Fund (SIF). Students are selected through a formal application process and have the ability to manage an investment portfolio currently approaching $4 million dollars. The Bank of Stockton and its President and CEO Douglass Eberhardt sponsors the fund.

Only 2% of business schools worldwide operate a student investment fund. In the Eberhardt SIF, students do research and evaluation, write reports, and make choices regarding where and how to invest the fund's money. This is not a virtual investment or portfolio; this is real money and real investments.

Students participating in the Eberhardt SIF are accountable to its board, which consists of the Dean, the Vice President of Business and Finance for the university, and four investment professionals. An annual report of their investment activities and results are presented by the students and their work, transactions, and report are audited by an independent accounting firm - just like in a real investment fund.

The Eberhardt SIF also teaches our students the importance of sharing their success with others. Each year, a percentage of the fund's net assets are distributed back to the University of the Pacific to support the mission and activities of the University. To date, the Eberhardt SIF has returned almost $1,000,000 to the University.

Faculty Advisor Student Investment Fund

Benjamin Carlston, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance
Eberhardt School of Business

PH: 209.946.2630

Established in 2007 with a generous $1,000,000 gift from Bank of Stockton CEO, Douglass Eberhardt, the University of the Pacific Student Investment Fund's major goal is to offer dynamic undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain exposure to the world of investing.

A select group of students learn how to thoroughly analyze potential investments using the same financial techniques professional investors use. In addition, students learn the finer points of portfolio management by taking responsibility for individual S&P500 sectors and analyzing allocations and how they fit within the greater portfolio.

In addition to class work, SIF members have the opportunity to speak directly with industry professionals and travel to visit financial institutions in the area. Throughout the semester, SIF hosts guest speakers including CFA charter holders, fund managers, and other professionals from both the private and public sectors that provide their valuable personal insight into the investment industry as well as share their paths to how they got where they are today. Furthermore, field trips to places such as the Pacific Exchange in San Francisco and to other local student investment organizations expose members to the greater investment community. These events add to SIF's experiential learning and give members ample opportunities to network with other students, professionals and potential employers.

From its inception in 2007 to 2014, the Student Investment Fund has outperformed both the Russell Midcap Index benchmark and S&P 500. The fact that students invest real money means their work produces real results, which is a tremendously satisfying and a very unique experience.